This project presents a service design process (from market analysis to concept prototype) of a self-service process for the Dutch market

Self-service checkout

Project in collaboration with NCR Corporation and the TU Delft

KEYWORDS: Concept design, Service design, NCR corporation, Self-checkout

This project’s main goal was about facilitating the payment of goods by consumers without the need of intervention by store personnel. NCR Corporation was interested in expanding their knowledge about market preferences in checking-out processes, and the possibilities for improvement in their current portfolio.

The first part of the project consisted on an in depth internal (i.e. company and competitors), and external (i.e. customers and context) analysis. Here, we did observational research, literature analysis, and in-depth interviews with experts in the field.



Next, we did customer journeys and created personas in order to extract aspects for the conceptualisation phase of the design process. 

The final vision derived from the analysis phase was grounded in two pillars:

-Delight: we wanted people to enjoy the use of a self-checkout by producing positive emotions, and to engender a more positive experience with the overall interaction.

-Flow: optimize the process of checking out by reducing system flaws, resulting in a more enjoyable and ‘fluid’ interaction.

The NCR SelfServ EXP is a concept of a fast- lane self-service checkout specially designed for basket shoppers in supermarkets. The main advantage of the product is the reduction in one step of the process: scanning and packing are combined through an innovative ring-like scanner. This improvement reduces the flaws in the system and the overall time of interaction. Furthermore, it makes the process more enjoyable.

The enhanced security with image and object recognition also speeds up the process since the errors for “unexpected items in the bagging area” are eliminated. The user-friendly interface, activated by a proximity sensor, delivers a more appealing and easy-to-understand experience. 

In the video on the left you can see some of the main characteristics and unique selling points (USP) of the SelfServ EXP.