Embodiment design process —from concept to fully functioning prototype— of a medical scanner for the identification of patients with sepsis


Project in collaboration with MicroVision medical

Team members: M. Sypesteyn, T. van Oekelen, V. Pablic, and V. Stiglic

KEYWORDS: Medisign, UX design, scanner, sepsis


MicroVision Medical (the company that sponsored the project) develops, designs, markets and sells optical and spectrophotometric technologies that provide physicians vital information on the smallest blood vessels in the body called the microcirculation.

Their first product on the market, called the MicroScan, has patented technologies that permit an easier and faster diagnose of sepsis (blood poisoning). The aim of this project was to follow the process of embodiment design from their current product and come up with a renewed product prototype with enhanced aesthetics, ergonomics and technological aspects.



The project was grounded on three pillars:

1. A technology-centered process in which we explored current developments and applied state-of-the-art technologies in the product.

2. An aesthetic renewal in which we analysed the current product experience, and came up with a renewed meaning for the product.

3. And finally, a user-centered approach in which we approached people to understand the real needs behind the product and come up with feasible solutions.