In this international workshop product and service concepts were created that aimed at improving the health and promoting the well-being of an end-user with disabilities 

Intensive Programme (IP) Co-constructing Healthy Experiences

Project hosted by the Howest Industrial Design Center at Kortrijk, Belgium. 2011

KEYWORDS: Design for well-being, user experience, service design, users with disabilities

In this international workshop the objective was to create a product concept for an end-user with disabilities in order to make his/her life happier and more active. This was done in groups of students with multidisciplinary backgrounds including psychologists, occupational therapists and designers. The concept of participative prototyping was used during the duration of the programme as a tool to come up with product ideas. 

Our client was a 6-year-old child (‘Pelle’) with duchenne muscular dystrophy. From the user study we concluded that an important opportunity to make the life of Pelle happier was to focus on the problems he had in bed (e.g. he could not turn by himself). We approached this issue by introducing something positive and not just by solving the problem (see possibility-driven design).  

In the concept solution we suggested, Pelle is able to turn in bed by himself in a playful, yet effective way by pressing friendly shapes and using compressed air. We introduced something positive that went beyond the main problem of his syndrome, and thus we targeted more meaningful goals of Pelle such as autonomy and mastery.

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