This project presents how research into, and analysis of consumer emotions and conflicting goals can result in innovative product outcomes 

Design for Emotion

Project in collaboration with PepsiCo Nederland

KEYWORDS: User experience, design for emotion, service design, PepsiCo.

The main goal of this project was to develop new product or service concepts for the company PepsiCo Nederland in the category 'cereal and grains'. The target group was young adults that needed to have a healthy and energising breakfast before starting their day. The main challenge was to analyse users’ emotions and experience in their morning routine and rituals, and to translate the results into novel products.

This way of analyzing user experiences was mainly targeted at finding underlying consumer goals and conflicts between them (i.e. concern conflicts).

To do so, we used an experience-sampling tool called Emotion Capture Cards. With these, we were able to find underlying concerns and emotional states of the consumers. Next, we defined conflicting concerns (i.e. goals that conflict with each other), as inspiration for the design process.

After defining the main goal conflicts, we created a vision statement and an experience metaphor to use in the design process. During the user research, I found out that the the goals of ‘enjoying little pleasures during breakfast (self-indulgence)’, and ‘staying healthy and energetic’ (physical fitness); collided and conflicted with each other. The concept I developed, called 'cocoa sensations', embraces this discordance and resolves it. Little chocolate treasures are added to the cereal box in order to both indulge oneself, and have control over the portion; thus eliciting positive emotions.